Customer Psychology : 10 New Ways to Learn Your Consumers Behavior

If you wanna read one article about customer psychology, read this one. The psychology of your customers needs to be learned to get exponential growth in this era of modern business building and data-driven marketing.

You’ve probably wondered whether focusing on Customer Psychology is worth of your time? Today, I’m going to tell you, The what, when and how your customers are thinking. Defining your customers’ behavior according to your customer psychology.

Customer Psychology: Lets Have a coffee

In India, a business owner (from the Hindu community) used to start their day with worshiping Lord Ganesha ( The remover of obstacles) and Devi Laxmi (The goddess of Wealth and Prestige). It is often whispered here as “The customers are Lakshmi and Owners are The Owl (the Carrier of the Goddess)”.

I had asked myself from the very beginning, why it is been told? Why is this phrase longing for thousands of years inside the business community of India?

Now after so many attempts to run perfect businesses, I have come to a steady conclusion to eagerly to learn customer psychology.

The answers that might solve the problem of understanding “What Your Customer is Thinking about You?” by understanding customers behavior and thinking patterns of various products and services.

Look at these examples first,

Does your Brand Stand for Something?

According to findings oon Customer Psychology, from the CEB, people don’t seem to be very loyal to companies at all. They are loyal to what the company stands for.
Source: What Are Consumers Really Loyal To?



One great example is TOMS Shoes, a brand that many would claim shows the “real deal” when it comes to making legitimate stands about their beliefs and company ideals outside of their business. Customers adore their policy for donating a pair of shoes for each pair sold.

zapposTake a look at Zappos: CEO Tony Hsieh defines the company not as an online retailer that sells shoes, but rather as a “customer service company that happens to sell shoes.” This sort of viewpoint isn’t tacked on; it’s been widely memorialized just how far Zappos will go to ensure an amazing customer experience.

I have played my part and I’ll continue to play mine time after time. But Now is the time to turn the liver towards you.

What I want you to understand, what you need know. Go on reading, where I am going to discover the true way to understand your customer’s psychology before they get judgmental about you.

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Let’s begin.

Understanding Customer Psychology is not just a subject of understanding modern Business.

It has been practiced for so long. Even goes beyond the time of printed books.

It was for the sheer need of sharing and getting most out of a creation.

If you are connected with a business, you must know (the hard way) the value of sales. And the sales are been done by customers.

You know what, you can literally do whatever it takes to make someone buy (should be in an ethical way.).

This is the only way to survive. To do so, you need to know your customers first hand. You need to understand customer psychology.

Well, I know, you don’t like this philosophical lectures. So, let me tell you all a story. A story that has changed my concept of the business building.

I belong to a  middle-class family (Don’t know Upper or Lower) in India. One thing I had mostly cared about, better say taught to care about was saving money since my childhood.

Neel Banerjee 2 Years Age
Me, at 2 Years of age

This is what I have been doing just before losing everything that I had in terms of wealth, before being the first time entrepreneur in my 6th generation family.

You know, how hard it is to build a business from the ground up?.

You should come up with an idea with a strong admiration for execution. Yes, you are ready to build it.

Mostly if you are a first-time entrepreneur like me you know the squizzy-soury taste of failure. I still get the taste back to back :).

But when you start to think where had you done the mistake? You mostly think about the Ideas or decisions or might can blame others actions even sometimes nature or your fate.

Stop Doing that and understand, the only thing that you did wrong was not understanding your customer’s (Potential) needs. In another term Customer Psychology.

That’s what made your business fell short in terms of generating revenue through sales.

I had made that mistake many times too.

Even Big names like Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma repeats the same mistakes pretty more than all of us.

For your motivation watch this.

They all are hunting with billions of dollars just to understand their customers much more than their competitors.

So, after thoughtlessly typing from the beginning, just to project the problem you are dealing with understanding customer psychology, now is the time to turn the focus towards the problem (I hope so).

Here we go.

After building business surrounded with products and Services, I have come to a conclusion with the most viable behavioral patterns of customers.

Your business may have some specific problems or experience but considering the basic structure of businesses, either there be a product to sell or a service to deliver. And my understanding of customer psychology is gonna reflect the Psychological impacts and reactions of customers in a general way.

If you are interested learning more there are many articles live on my blog.

Customer Psychology: 10 Things you need to keep in mind while serving your customers

Customer Psychology Infographics
Customer Psychology Infographics created by Neel Banerjee

According to my analysis, I’ve mostly realized an array of 10 benchmarks that are fueling your customers to think about you twice (yea, maybe Thrice or more 😉 ).

1. “It’s for all” mentality

“It’s just for you baby!”

If you are in a relationship you know how effective the above sentence for you. It has the power to dilute a long-term war into a lusty night on a bed (if you prefer bed).

Yes, “Just For You”, the three words have an enormous power. It feels us unique, prioritized.

Even if you have kids you know there is always a fight going on between them about who is more loveable to you (Their parents).

Your customers behave as same as your partner or kids do. They want to get more affection than others.

We all want to build the-the next Rayban, Next Netflix, Next Facebook, the next Amazon and even The next Alibaba or Next something that will help you to change the world into a better place.

But, have you ever realized one thing which is common between all of the great companies or businesses, it’s their customer centricity.

The customer psychology plays the role to navigate your business’s LTV (Life Time Value).

According to Esteban Kolsky, if the customers are not satisfied, 13% of them will tell to 15 or even more people that they are unhappy. On the other hand, 72% of customers will share a positive experience with 6 or more people.

67% of customers mention bad experiences as a reason for churn, but only 1 out of 26 unhappy customers complain.

The rest, they just leave, Kolsky claims.

Customer Psychology : Customer Complains

So what you need to do is, ensuring them the care you have for them. Wear the hat of a customer before building your product or arranging your services.


2. Trust me the most

Your Customers are smart, smarter than what you think.

Suppose you are telling your partner, you will never intimate with any other lady or a man for your love, and keep repeating it every night while going to bed.

What will happen next, You will finger-cross for a great night hoping that “I (hope you are a good person) have maintained trust to my partner”.

Well, yeah you did, but have you ever noticed after so much of careful maintenance, your partner still asks seeing a decade old picture on your facebook album, “Who is that girl/boy holding your hand?”.

Your customers think the same way. You are saying, your company or your product or even your service is the best among all. “Trust me”.

Yes, it works as a great keyword to take the right place on the google first page or list of the local business directory.

But, do you really feel that saying over and over “Trust Me”, “I’m The Best”, helps your reputation? Think about it.

As a brand ““. We all know it’s a foreign property (I’m an Indian)  but there are already some players like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues etc. Which are mostly Indian Companies?

But they all are getting thrashed by Amazon.

Have you ever asked why?

Well if you had, you might have come up with something like,

Amazon had made more and more investment than the others.”.

For God sake, forget about investments.

Every company does that. You are doing too I suppose.

But the one thing that had made their Trust Index higher than the big time player “Flipkart” or “Snapdeal” and making them the most known household brand right now is “Aap ki apni Dukan” (Your own Store).

Not by barking but by nurturing their targeted consumers.

We, the human beings are constructed in a way, that we can find trust by our own self. Your potential customers are doing the same.

They are searching and finding new ways to find single negative point not to buy from you.

Customer Psychology: Customers are indifferent

So, leave barking about trust issues. Let them find out.


3. “Will You Buy” Effect

It is hard to pull out a penny from customers pocket.

You all are trying to reverse it in many different ways.

Some investing on awareness, some are on branding, some on generating leads to transforming them into customers, some using digital ways some are on traditional.

What-so-ever you are all in a race to get your targeted customers inside your bucket. It’s a rat race.

Yeah, it’s very important.

But what your customers are thinking before buying from you? What is your customer psychology?

To understand that,

Think about yourself, what you do, when you used to book a hotel or thinking about a family tour?

If you can recall, then you might solve the problem of an issue of your customers’ “not buying” attitude.

Suppose you like mountains, you and your family want to go to that place, let’s say Manali.

What did you use to do after setting the destination?

You’ll search hours on the internet to find out where to stay?

How to roam around?

What to carry and what not to? and lot more.

Even sometimes, You used to call one of your buddies. Ask for suggestions and recommendations or even referrals and many more questions. (Well I’m not writing this article on Manali visit.)

Now, think about your customers, if they want to buy from you, even they have the necessity or luxury, they will still ask for referrals, suggestions, opinions, reviews etc.

They will try to learn more & more about you or your product or services, even more than it takes to build one.

Customer Psychology: Buying Process of Customers

They will ask “Will you buy” to all of their surroundings.

Get more targeted.

Convinces consumers to try your brand but if their post-purchase experiences prove dissatisfying, they will learn to avoid you.

Customer Psychology: Post Purchase Experience

That customer will break the chain of satisfying customers.

If you can convince consumers that your product or service meets one of their motivating drives, you can convince them to buy what you’re selling.


4. “Smile or Cry” Problem

“Oh! So Cute”,  “Yea! This is true”, “Hahahaha… So Funny!”

Are you running ads to expand?

These are the common reactions your customers might be creating back in their home.

You are feeling lucky for touching the cords of your customers. That’s great you did it.

Now the time to get back from these offerings. What you have gained pulling the cords of your customers.

yes, you are now emotionally connected with the customer.

But,  should you leave them just with the emotional touch? Don’t you wanna drive them to do something for you?

Yea, I know, exactly! This is what you are thinking right now.

What most businesses are falling down by their potential customers is not for their emotional attachments but not been able to fulfill after the initial boost.

Let’s take an example of Fitbit.

Our society loves shortcuts. And marketers love to manipulate this tendency whenever possible—especially when it comes to matters of health. The Fitbit watch advertisement is a good example. In this ad, consumers who wear the medal and plastic device around their wrist often display superior strength and health compared to those around them.

Fitbit had a strong Christmas mostly because of their subtle claims that wearing their product will get you into shape. Indeed, the watch may provide some helpful tools. But when it comes to matters of health, few things have changed within the human body. It still requires discipline and intentional effort—there are no shortcuts.

So, You have conveyed your message. You have moved the wheel towards you but if you are not fulfilling your customers’ expectations that you have conveyed earlier, you’ll surely gonna thrashed by them.

To understand the problem in a more deeper sense, you need to see this example,

Hi, my readers, I am assuming you are belonging to a democratic country where you at least have the power to vote.

Every year or 5 years even 10 years you are being blessed by an enormous power to choose a set persons to rule you ;), I mean to take care of you while you are growing.

You are choosing them, either been driven by their promises or the emotional touches they are stimulating to you.

But they don’t stay forever too.

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The irony is, You were emotionally touched by them while giving them your favor on the voting paper. And now the same you are about to choose another group of persons!

But why?

The rightful answer is, The previous one had not performed as per your expectations.

Exactly this what I call “Smile and Cry Problem” from the customers’ point of view.

Now is the time to understand the customer psychology behind it.

When you have touched your customer emotionally, they will raise their expectations for you to an ultimate level.

As the earlier example of Fitbit, if you come shortly to mitigate their expectations which had been planted emotionally, you will get thrashed by your customers.

Think about greatest brands like Rolex, Gucci, Lamborgini, Apple, Tesla, Johnson and Johnson, Unilever, GE, even Google, Facebook, Whatsapp and much much more.

Now, ask yourself why they have become one the greatest brands in the world?

Yes, they touched their customers emotionally and they also delivered the same amount of value to their customers through their product or services undoubtedly.

This is a 2013 commercial promoted by Google India about a reunion of two childhood friends. They were separated during partition at the time of Independence. This is a story of their reunion using the services of Google. It was one of the viral advertisement of that time and Google had positioned their services which trigger emotions, empathy and keep promises to the users.

So, as a business, it is your responsibility to mitigate the emotional urgency that you have created to connect to your customers with great value.

So, Connect to your customers with smiles and cries and justify the emotions with the value of your delivered products or services.


5. “See you later” Scenario

Hey, I have a product to sell to you now.  I’m a great marketer and an entrepreneur.

I can deliver your business a lot of values in terms of revenue.

So, here is my full course on “How to be most Successful in your business more than anyone!

It’s only $10,000$97 for you as a limited time offer.

just click the button below and buy!!

Hey Hey hey :), will you buy?

I suppose not, or You will say “See you later”. 🙂

Well, I’m not gonna sell you any course right now. Maybe later I will think, but it will never be marketed like this I guarantee it.

Now, lets come to the point.

I have been selling since my school days.

One thing that I had always noticed that whenever I have barked for sell, my sell went down. Even I had always been able to get a lot of leads.

If this is happening to you, then you may have to rethink your selling policy.

There is always a time when your potential customers get back from buying or from a crucial deal.

You get astonished, where have you done wrong?

Let me uncover the secret here.

Don’t worry it’s pure human nature.

You have created a great landing page decorated with awesome CTAs (Call-To-Action) or even with special offers.

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Still, you are failing to get the must expected attention. So, you are now relying on the percentage of conversions.

Think about big players, what they are doing that reflects their quarterly profits?

They are always trying to understand customer psychology, behavior, interests,  either with the power of AI, Machine Language or with the help of closely guarded Sales and Marketing, even Customer success teams.

customrt psychology : Know Your Customer

Research says, Your customers usually buy after 3 times of checking.

That means when your customers are coming for the first time, even if they had the need, they will think twice to buy from you.

If you are an online venture you have a lot of options to convert them.

Customer Psychology : Landing page

I know you are nodding your head.

First You’ll build a landing page to convey your message or content or story and then you’ll try to trigger the above mentioned psychological signals to convert them.

Yea! I know you know that. But what will you do when they don’t convert right away?

This is what we call Remarketing and Repurposing.

Customer Psychology: How Re-marketing Works

Though this concept is on the market for so many years, still most of the Businesses are not harnessing the power of it, in the proper way.

In the first attempt try to understand your customers’ needs and likings, then track them with personalized Ads on every platform. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter now Snapchat can really help you to do so.

Then when they come for the second time, grab their eyes with a deal/offer that they cannot refuse. The God Father Style ;).

Here is a little demonstration on, how Facebook Remarketing Functions?

ustomer Psychology: Facebook Remarketing

Now they’ll buy! and for you, a door of possibilities will open likewise.

Use upselling or cross-selling to recover from the loss of that deal.

Now, you have created a buying habit to your customers.

Thus you can solve the “See You Latter Scenario”.

Well if you don’t have an online establishment (I’ll suggest you have one first). You too have an enormous opportunity like others.

Customer Psychology: Offline Ventures

The ways offline businesses can convert more and can be measured is what I’m taking next.

If You are running a store or retail outlet, you have an opportunity to see your customers face-to-face.

Like the onliners, you also have huge opportunity to understand the psychology of your customers, getting them onboard, measure the lead quality and sell like the onliners.

Customer Psychology: Consumes want discounts

With digital and social channels have become an integral part of the traditional marketing mix, brands are going all out in all directions to drive more customer engagement through meaningful conversations; effect more conversions, and grab a larger part of the market share.

Marketers today are realizing the importance of integrating their online and offline marketing strategies with both complementing one another when it comes to customer engagement. Social media is a big enabler here. Brands are deploying advanced tools to monitor conversations on social media to acquire a deeper understanding of customer needs, preferences, and purchase behavior.

Always ask for at least one personal information from your customers. It can either be Email, Phone no etc. Ask them to like your page. Give them some offer in exchange for that.

You can also harness the power of internet too. Come up with some ads on social media, targeting those customers and their friends. It will cost very cheap at least much much cheaper than billboards and flyers, banners etc.

Send them good offers according to their likings through SMS one day a week (usually Friday and tell them the offer valid till Sunday).

Connect with them on social media platforms. Offer customer service on Messenger or WhatsApp. There are thousands of possibilities you can brainstorm now.

Brands are increasingly using technology to drive more footfalls in their brick-and-mortar stores. By listing their locations on online location-based services like Google Places and Bing Maps, businesses are further narrowing the distance between their physical storefronts and the end customer. Given that 20% of Google searches are location specific, it is no wonder that there are over 4 million business listings on Google Places.

Online advertising to boost offline sales. Craft your ads to give a brand visibility.

I’m telling you, you will get an enormous result in return.

I’ll write more articles specifically on remarketing later.

Customers don’t differentiate between channels. To them, it is the brand they are looking at, whether in a physical store or in an online retail platform. Channel notwithstanding, they will continue to seek the same delightful experiences and shopping conveniences from the brand. Smart retailing in the context of a digitally enabled world is all about blending brick-and-mortar and digital platforms to create an omnichannel universe that allows customers to shop when they want to, from where they want to, and how they want to with utmost flexibility.

So, irrespective of online or offline ventures,

If you wanna change your customers’ “See You Later” behavior, get in touch with them in a more personalized way through remarketing.

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Understanding customer psychology plays a great role here too.

The mantra for success is simple: deploy the right techniques across the right channels to drive the right customers at the right time to enable a perfect sale. This is the era of connected retailing – brands are using online data like website traffic and social conversations to increase footfalls in their physical stores.

You need to say one thing Don Vito Corleone style,


6. Pandora’s Box issue

Until now I’d been talking about understanding customer psychology by noticing the patterns of your customers. But now in this topic, we’ll explore the change of the customer psychology triggered by your actions.

So, Let’s dive into the topic.

Tell me who had not yet read “Pandora’s Box” before?

If you say no. Come on! read that first.

Customer Psychology: Pandora's Box Issue

Well, you know there will always be glossy and grey part of your product or services.

Every article on the internet will always say you to be clear and transparent. but wait a minute and listen to me first.

You know every customer wants a perfect product or services.

Do you think you are beating the law of nature? Cause nature says there is nothing perfect.

So, Being transparent and clear are relative. You should not forget the ethics of business.

Nowadays the startups and new businesses are very very open. They rather should be.

But Sometimes they are showing everything they have got. Underestimating the power of the first impression while understanding the customer psychology.

Customer Psychology: First impression quote

Your products and services are like your CV or resume.

All the glitters should be at the front. You never have to show your back unless you’ll open your Pandora’s Box to your customers.

Customer Psychology: First Impression Statistics

Think about Gaint companies. Let’s take Facebook. With nearly thousands of World class Innovators, they fell short to be the perfect one with their own products.

Facebook has an asset of more than 2 Billion users with more than 1.3 Billion users use it’s platform daily, stated by Facebook officially this year.

Instagram had come out and tried to capture the users and was successful on its own. The time came for Snapchat and then something might be coming soon. Some geek sitting somewhere might have found the hidden imperfection of all other platforms will come up with a new set of experience, a product.

Some geek sitting somewhere might have found the hidden imperfection of all other platforms will come up with a new set of experience, a product.

There are always new businesses are coming to take advantage of the imperfection of your products or services even inside the same niche.

Thus understanding customer psychology demands to understand your own psychology about your product, business, and your vision.

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So, What Facebook is doing to keep their perfection?

They are buying them to make them more perfect diluting the innovation cost as well as not letting their customers open their Pandora’s Box.

They are presenting the glossiness of their products to their customers and keeping the innovation wheel move behind it.

This is called the modern day smart businesses with smart products or services.

This is a strong example of understanding customer psychology of the first impression by changing your perception about your product or services and it’s future.

So, Always show the glossiness of your business toward your customers and in the back never forget to change the ever-changing wheel towards perfection.


7. Where else you go? Attitude

Getting arrogant and ruthless for success is a dazzling part of Capitalism. This gives the chance for invention and creation in a very fast pace.

This is what American dreams are all about.

But, it also gives birth to an ugly giant called Monopoly (Where else you go?).

This is where business gets blind about their supremacy. They are the market here.

This the scenario where you can even force your customers to buy taking the advantage of your loneliness in a demanding market.

Customer Psychology: The Birth of monopoly

Very well, you can make the utmost fortune in a situation like this. Every business is ruthlessly trying to get there all the time.

This nowadays called First Movers Opportunity or First timers’ Opportunity. I know you are in that race too.

It’s an Entrepreneurs’ dream. This is how a brand establishes themselves.

But the question is, How are you playing the game?

Are you ethical? Are you caring your customers?

Always remember this most popular scientific theory of all time “Newton’s Third Law”.

If you have played the game of Monopoly ethically, you are safe with a handful return.

Let’s have an example, Microsoft.

Unless you’ve been hibernating for the last five years, you may have noticed one of the most dramatic shifts in technological history: Microsoft, once the most valuable (and probably the most powerful) company in the world, is now just another tech company. A big tech company, for sure, but one that is being increasingly marginalized by the shift away from the desktop PC and companies such as Apple, Google, and Samsung.

Consumer Psychology: Global Tech Graph

Twelve years ago, 95% of consumer computers were powered by Windows; today, it’s around 20%. As you can see, this shift is almost entirely down to the growth of iOS and Android.

This is how a Monopolistic market changes to a vastly competitive market

But, if you are taking only the advantages of this game, you are on the flipped side.

Understand customer psychology on unethical monopoly. Your Customers will never gonna forgive you for that. You will be paid with rejection sooner or later.

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The “Where else you go?” will never gonna last forever.

Turn the “Where else you go?” to “Please come in and Rejoice”.


8. You can’t buy it, I do.

Hey!! who among you wanna buy Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Rolls Royce?

Sounds creepy?

Now tell me Who wanna buy a limited edition Apple iPhone, A Jaguar Car or Ferrari?

Now is it looks like a dream that can come true at least?

Yes indeed.

Great companies are created serving the biggest commodities.

There are always be luxury brands. Exclusive for Billionaires, Millionaires and for Middle-Class Millionaires.

But people with fortunes like those, never wish to make bad investments.

They only invest in luxury products when they get ample amount of return on their investments some time in the form of reputation.

Here I’m not gonna put any statistics to prove my point. It’s conceptualization of customer psychology. Even you as a reader can feel it.

The biggest community doesn’t invest carefully. Most of the time we create needs and they buy.

Create a product or services that impulse the dreams of your customers.

Create a products or services that are feasible enough for your customers that they always can dream to buy one.

Think about Apple Products, Starbucks Cafe, A good car like BMW, Ferrari and much more.

You should never forget how people stand on a single line for the whole night to get his or her dream phone (iPhone).

Some products that create the impulse to buy one “now” or “in future”, generations after generations.

Thus they are not only creating the urgency to buy but secures their places for the future customers by becoming a dream product.

Are they leveraging “You can’t buy it? I do” to “I’ll buy it, Let see”.


9. Social Dessert Moments

Are you on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram?

You can find me there as well. Learn more

Connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (Click the links and Follow, Like or whatever you want ;)) 

Do you love social media? Are your business is in there?

Well if Yes, I’m having something to ask you.

Before that, let me tell you, your customers love social media. More than 3 Billion people are using Social Media in 2017.

Customer Psychology: Social Media Global Users

Most importantly, research says average time spent on social media is about two hours every day. Don’t believe me, Here is a great article by EVAN ASANO at SocialMediaToday, Check that out.

Well, Now I can ask the question that I wished to ask you earlier.

What do you think about social media?

Be honest, close your eyes and think from your heart. Then do give your answers.

While you are thinking, let me tell you a story of mine for a bit.

You know, I’ve hated social media even 5 years ago when I had started a business on Information Security. Yea, I was a professional Hacker (White Hat).

But, when I was trying to spread my words and works, I had confronted real problems.

Well, it was a startup and as you all know, what startup means in terms of finance or funding.

I had a near-to-none fund to dispose on marketing (Spreading my work), even in digital. Back in those days, Adwords was not so much expensive.

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So, there were no other cheaper options for us to promote ourselves on Social Media.

I was one of the very early adopters of FacebookAds and LinkedIn in India. And had gained much popularity there due to my expertizes and skills.

Check out my new facebook page, where I share a lot of my stories and strategies for you. Don’t forget to Like 🙂

Long story short. Thus I have landed into marketing on Social Media Platforms.

I was a novice back then in terms of digital marketing. Well, I had a blog and I also used to write for some International Magazines but never wished to optimize in terms of spreading my works and my words.

I had a business page called OpenFire Technologies on Facebook as well as on LinkedIn.

We had a forum (Hackers Forum) where we fellow hackers used to talk about our research, Tools, Tips etc. It was hugely popular back then.

As I had built my presence on social media, I had started sharing our works, Researches, and Tips as we are used to doing the same on our forum.

Then after a consistent flow of social streams, I have started getting emails and calls for businesses from all around the world.

Well, maybe it was because of our business giving so much value with so less price tag. Or maybe just for My company was in India and you know, India is a great source for outsourcing on a cheaper price ;).

Then seeing this amount of results, I’ve become serious and started learning Digital marketing especially Social Media and Content Marketing. Understood Analytics, Sales Funnel, Marketing Funnel, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, etc etc etc, out of sheer need.

Yes, That business has gone years ago but left me with a new medium of expertise called Marketing and Growth. This is why I am right now writing this humongous article for you.

So, have you got your answer now? Keep that secret and move on reading.

This is 2017, the era of social media. This is the time where the technology is mixing with human feelings and emotions and creating great paths to express your opinions, lifestyle, moral, feelings as well as anything you can imagine.

And you, the marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs, executives all of you have to be aware of the impact that you and your business can do or can get from this superficial change.

Your customers are on those platforms daily. And to understand the customer psychology regarding social media channels, You should look at you family first.

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Think about your family members. I’m sure everyone less than 65 years of age using any kind of social media to communicate or educate or just to connect.

They are also consumers, may not be yours but for any other companies.

As I’ve told earlier,


Reminding you another quote from my favorite Seth Godin,

Out of curiosity, here is one of his great TED Talk. Watch and learn.

What are you waiting for?

Start learning your customers’ behavior, Understanding your customer psychology is the key to get their attention.

Here is a pro advice from the great Guy Kawasaki on how to fix your social media profiles.

You also need to measure your every wins and falls with right metrics.

What can be more efficient than Social Media to do this?

To make your life easier I have provided 30 social media management tools you can use right now.


10. “Value for Value” Tussle

The days of Creating a long form sales copy for advertising and selling is long gone.

Customer Psychology: Ads Strategy for future

Welcome, to the new world of spreading values.

As the marketing evangelist Sir. Seth Godin said,

This new era of business teaching us something enormous. We can get values in return if we spread the same.

Think about big Brands or Businesses. Watch their tactics on getting a lot of values in terms of sales and customer loyalty.

What they are doing is, producing large amount services to their potential customers for free just for spreading values.

Let’s have some examples,

Let’s say Google (The mother brand is now Alphabet).  Yes, Google has become the household name now. But why?

Well, there nearly hundreds of reason. But what is important in this context is spreading values.

Hundreds of products and services that Google provides us, that are totally free (at least at the point our day to day need). Think Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs or sheets or presentations and much much more.

There are thousands of marketing industries are feeding because of Google. The core topics of Digital Marketing, like  SEO, SEM has started with Google.

From Web to Mobile and towards the future Google has spread their hands for the customers.

In return, they get some information, which helps them to make more and more revenue.

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There are hundreds of companies using the same rule to share values with their customers and gaining customer loyalty and profit at the end of the funnel. They are understanding their customer psychology.

Yes, you can say, that You don’t have that many resources to share a huge amount of values. But I think you and all of you have the capability to at least educate your customers honestly.

Your customers will get that as a value, not promotion.

Someone said “Content is King”, I would say,

Customer Psychology: Content is King

Even think about this giant article I’m writing for a long.

Yes, I know it’s valuable and thought-provoking and can help hundreds of thousands of businesses. But if I don’t share concepts properly, then what is the point of just promoting my consulting services.

So, the moral for every business on this earth that are sustaining right now, need to shift their mindset. You need to provide honest values, understanding your customer psychology and stop just promoting your Products or services upfront.

You even can read this book “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuk, which will give you a lot of insight on understanding the “Value for Value” Formula.

Customer Psychology: Jab Jab Jab Right Hook - by Gary Vaynerchuk

Create content that your customers love, educate them about the niche then share your contributions or products or services that can ease their lives.


Bonus Advice on Customer Psychology for you:

Yes, it’s inevitably true that we are first a consumer than a seller (if you have a business).

We used to buy things from our childhood and always had the sense of consumerism from the beginning of our life.

We all are better consumers naturally.

Selling is one that had been implanted or forced to practice driven by our ambitions (not for all).

Now is the time to ware your consumer hat on along with the seller, not to look fancy but to survive this rat race of Modern World business building.

It is the time and sheer need to understand your’s customer psychology more than ever before.

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Customers are getting more and more vocal about their needs. Customer Psychology is changing its roots to another level.

Quality and the customer centricity are the keys to gain customers loyalty and ever-increasing revenue.


You need to understand the psychology of your customers and craft your product or services accordingly.

Understand, the mentioned benchmarks and create a list and get your customers feedback accordingly. Then, ask your customers to grade you on each of the 10 benchmarks I’ve mentioned earlier.

In a study on customer psychology by psychologist Norbert Schwarz, he found that as little as 10 cents were enough to change the outlooks of participants who found the money by surprise, creating a more positive view of their day due to this small high-point.

While this study was conducted in 1987, the implications remain the same: it doesn’t take much to start the process of reciprocity; even the smallest of favors allow goodwill to be bought with customers, increasing loyalty and retention.

Schwarz succinctly summed up this phenomenon as: “It’s not the value of what you find. It’s that something positive happened to you.”

In another famous study from the great book Influence, Dr. Robert Cialdini on the psychology of customers noted that subjects were prone to rate others as much more likable when they had simply bought them a can of soda.Source: Well-Being: The Foundations of Hedonic Psychology

Create your evaluation plan accordingly and test where you are getting better and where not.

There are hundreds of metrics you can measure. I’ll come up with another article focusing especially on metric depended analysis of customer psychology.

Meanwhile, you can read this article on, Social Media Metrics You Must Start Tracking Now.

In any case, pick one goal and run your evaluation campaign in the hopes of achieving it.

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At last, I do pray for your luck!

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Customer Psychology: Learn Your Customer quote

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How to start a StartUp or Business that never fail

“Dreams are Worth Chasing” – But the consequences are, 90% of all startup or business fails during the first year. Here is I gonna tell you exact 7 ways to build a startup or a business  that does not fail. But there is one catch point use the rule according to your condition and the Industry you are in.


Before jumping into formulas, let me tell you a story (You all might have heard though).

Once a there was devastating drought came in the village.All wels got dry, even no water for fishes to survive.

A crow was so thirsty and looking for a drop of water, flocking here and there. Suddenly the lucky bird found a little layer of water inside a nearly dry pot in a shadow.

The crow has got excited and flown towards the pot and as soon as tried to sip the last layer of water it found it’s beak is not that long to reach to the bottom of the pot.

Now what should the thirsty crow will do. Will it going to go to other places in search of that water getting impatient or it will try to get it from there?


The answer is directly linked to the Startup’s’ Success. So keep reading. I will be answering this in a moment.

Nowadays there is fashion on self-proclaimed “Entrepreneurs”, Who ever is starting a business starting to mention themselves as an entrepreneur.

But if you read the statistics more of than 90% of all startups fail during the first year of operation. So, naturally the question rises “WHY”?


I had started doing business (though it will look like a joke) at the age of 6 not having an entrepreneurial gene for generations and kept it rolling since then. Many succeeded many failed and many on the go.

This article is what I had experienced and understood during all these years of hustling.

I had found that to build a successful business or startup there are at least this 7 Key things you must need to practice repeatedly.


1. Marketable Idea


You all know that first and foremost to building a business you need to come up with an Idea. But you all have great Ideas floating inside the grey matters inside your brain parally. But which one to choose, that will BOOM inside the market.

Yea! The best marketable Idea indeed. But Why?

So, put your thumb on those Ideas which is sustainable inside the market.

Think about the Curt Prins’s “PoliMobile” a  Mobile marketing platform for political campaigns filed due to the service or the product is Ahead of it’s time, not marketable in the current situation.

There are many more like Cha, and hundreds and thousands more around the world all alone this quarter of 2017. To know more about this go through this list at cbinsights.

The one thing that can save Startups or Businesses at least straight at the beginning is, “Thumb on those Ideas which is sustainable inside the market”.

So, How find out the value of your idea inside the market? Here are some tools I use often for doing a consistent market research.

Tools to do Market Research:


 Google Keywords Tool:

The Google Keywords tool acts as a window into the behaviour of consumers when searching online for products or services such as yours. To use this you’ll need to create a Google Adwords account (it’s free however) and it’s also advisable that you read a couple of introductory articles to the tool and making the most of it.

Questback :

Questback is a premium service that bridges the gap between your company and your target market. It can undertake in-depth research on your behalf and provide invaluable feedback quickly and efficiently.

FreeLunch :

FreeLunch provides worldwide data across a range of demographics and industries, however it is most beneficial for companies targeting the USA, providing everything from comprehensive demographical breakdown, to insights into wider patterns of spending.

Google Analytics :

Whilst not technically a wider tool providing market research in its entirety, Google Analytics can provide feedback as to how your customers are behaving whilst on your website. It may show you which products many view, but few buy (or vice versa) and it can illustrate what social media channels your customers are responding to, amongst many other insights

Google Trends :

Google Trends has the added benefit of additionally factoring in data gathered from its search engine. The result? An instant snapshot of consumer social media and search behaviour, coupled with the latest news and opinions from your industry.

There are many more tools can be used some are free some paid but the basic point is, the one thing that can save you, at least straight at the beginning is, Thumbs on those Ideas which are sustainable inside the market.


2. Share Funds Properly


– for any business you name it.

The money left inside your account gives you security and the feeling whether to run your business smoothly or harshly. So, use it carefully.

Understand the key investment areas where you need to pour money and not.

It’s limited when it’s used properly it reflects positively inside your business growth metrics.

So, here the takeaway,

Share your revenue according to your micro and macro goals.

Be Data Driven. Establish a very good relation with your accountant if you have one.


3. Well Designed Marketing Plan


If you have comealong the way, Staring up with an Idea to gathering knowledge on Sharing Funds properly but one thing that will motivate you now is there are always a potential customer waiting for your product or service (It should be market friendly) to receive.

You just need to find and attract them. So, the basic question comes in you curious mind is HOW? You all know it. It’s called Marketing.

But in this current time frame you all have to be more strategic about your marketing plan.

I have seen, most businesses use it in a wrong way at least at the right time, at the beginning.

Lure people to become visitor, positioned them into leads and make them into happy customer and the goal is not over yet for you, retain them as long you can.

There are thousands of ways to do that depending on your market, your product or service or even on your marketing and sales team. I will definitely talk about those on other posts.

This is what a well designed marketing serves for you.

And as per Gary “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” means “Give, Give , Give, Ask” is the modern way of market your product or services.

His book mentioned New York Times Best Selling book is worth reading as an Entrepreneur. I’m sharing the link below: : (US) :


4. Build a Strong Team

Team Work

There is a phrase in the investment world:

As your product gets traction you have to hire people to ease your work. They will increase in numbers gradually. You have to work together to build a proper foundation for your business to sustain in the market.

Your first step on team building should be EQ driven. Because You need to create your surrounding with those people who will tell the truth  The truth about your decisions, your behaviour, your vision, your goals.

Here is what Harvard management professor Bill George says about,








Renowned Mathematician Prof. John F. Nash had proven after dismissing 150 years of economic theory that, (Read carefully)

So, the best output you will get for your business to rise is when your team with whom you are surrounded with is been able to deliver their best as well as best for the team and the result will be seen on the metrics.

Building a strong team is not only important but is necessity for your business to survive in a long run.

Here are some books I should suggest to know more about team building and leadership.

  • Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by  Simon Sinek



  •   Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t by Jim Collins


 (US) :

You can also check out this link for more books on Team building.


5. Innovation on Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback



Market doesn’t care about you. You have to care about your market, your customer.

This is where customer feedback plays a very pointy role. It is impossible to create 100% flawless product or service. Its all depends on you consumers need.

Craft your next move according to your consumers’ feedback.

The Founder of Microsoft Bill Gates said,



You all should understand that in competitive market contiguous innovation is the key to survive.

You have to test multiple times to understand the market trends and for that The Feedback from your existing customers are very important.


While explaining the importance of customer feedback Elon Musk  founder of SpaceXTeslaHyperloop  once said,

If you don’t wanna believe, here is a quote from Lord Buddha,


Now I think you are pretty much motivated uttering those ever green quotes above. Here is one from me very straight forward but true,




6. Networking is the Key




Try to imagine the days when you are in your teens or just stepped into adulthood.

Your parents or guardians use to tell you to go outside, see the world, meet new people.

This is called networking in the Business world.

You not only get huge experience but lots of opportunities.

Exactly how Neil Patel described it while explaining Why he flies business class.  


Networking is very important and beneficial for maintaining a professional relation and referral for your personal as well as business needs.

There are some tweaks you can use right now to strengthen your network and which will help you create emotional bond with those persons.

> Select a few key associations or organizations and participate actively.

> Be generous about sharing business tips, referrals and leads with non competitors.

> Get to events early and plan to stay late.

> Greet people you’ve met in the past.

> Follow up on leads.


There is a growth hack I personally use.

Today most of us using linkedIn, World’s largest professional network,

I use to congratulate each and everyone everytime they update their professional engagements, like joining a new job, promoted to higher designation, Anniversary of their work cycle, or even on their birthday.

You don’t even have to craft a large piece of letter, just use the pre loaded text by the linkedIn message and hit Enter. That’s it.

You know, In business world everything is about give and take, so no one expect to get anything out of the professional barrier,

so, A little “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulation” drives a large value to the person unknown.

It puts you to a higher level of his/her list of caring people and shows much more value even than a person he/she works for a long.


7. Keep The Hustle 24/7



Someone told this long ago but it’s so true. Being an entrepreneur you are the one who is running your business. If you meet your goals you are the one who gets the prize but on the other hand, if fail you are the one who gets crucified (not in the biblical sense) first.

For an entrepreneur the grind is never ending. You have to test the market, the customers, your team and even yourself.

24 hours will come short for you every time. Trust on yourself and do what you need to do, what you love to do. Your passion separates you from others.



After all the formulas, here it comes to the conclusion of the story I began with. Remember the thirsty crow in the middle of the hottest summer, found that pot holding a very little layer of water beneath, did something amazing. It started looking for little stones here and there and started pouring them one by one inside the pot. It has taken a long time, then suddenly the the crow say the water level is rising.



At a sudden point it raised enough that the unlucky-lucky crow can sip through his beak.

It sipped all the the water and survived while others were dying at the same spot.


Being an entrepreneur, you have to be like that crow. Running a business or starting a startup is indeed one of the bravest task.

But It needs a lots of patience, Hard work and Emotional Quotient (EQ) linked with Intelligence Quotient (IQ) to Understand, Decide and Deliver.  

One thing you all need to remember,

Prepare yourself for the right side.

I have described the 7 most important factors that need to build a successful business according to my experience.

Now it’s your turn.

Understand every bit of it and share this piece of content if you are confident enough to help your friend or network.

Please write down your thoughts or experiences at the comment section below. I will respond to it according to my capability of answering your queries.


Well, one more request, if you can bare a little more of your valuable time and you have the thirst to learn more then connect with me on social media @neelsnow . I’m very active there.