The Best Digital Marketing Career Advice You will ever get on Internet

Being an Expert on many things 🙂, people used to ask questions or even help (Which I also do time by time) and by answering questions or helping others is an exceptional feelings that I might not able to express the way I’m doing now. I had developed a system for proper analytical and effective way to craft and advice. This System is what I had named as “PICP System for Effective Advice”.

Let me tell you the full story that had happened to me recently for which i’m feeling proud to be on LinkedIn.

The story was so powerful for me that I had even decided to write this article on it.

It has also sparked the same old El Clásico between Tradition Marketing Vs Digital Marketing as well. If you are a Future loving professional and a Digital Practitioner, its a must read I’m sure.

el clasico


Coming back to the story,

Some Days earlier Mr X (A Digital Marketing Enthusiast, MBA) asked me a Question on LinkedIn:

I am in retail past 2 years but I make career in Digital Marketing Is correct change my path to Digital Marketing please suggesting me about this issue.

Well the question or the “help me” was just 126 Charterer long but I had never imagined what the length of my answer would be.


After viewing the question I could have been able to give him a very straight forward suggestion but something happened to my right side of the brain that resisted me to do so.

Then I realized its not just a question to answer blindly considering that he might take or not (Just in a casual sense).
Somewhere inside me replied :

What if he’ll choose the path that you casually suggested, what if he fail doing so, what impact would that cause to his life and to his belongings, to his relations?

So, I changed my mind and what I did is something I feel proud be a LinkedIn user.

Then I started replying him.

In this very article I will discuss What I had said dissecting every paragraph of my advice using PICP System. Thus you will understand How much effective this system is when applied.

pipc System


There will be Four Phases starting with Phase 1 right below.


Phase 1 : Presumption

Here I’m gonna tell you, how and why I had came to understand the practical situation of the person and introduced my thoughts (Advice) accordingly.

This is what I had replied with:

Mr X (Not Using his Actual Name) it’s good to have a field based marketing experience prior to Digital Marketing.

Yes, I told that as Traditional Marketing is something that human had practicing for thousands of years.

Even my imaginative mind can also see, When the human first produced “fire” by it’s own, may be a single person has tried that for the first time and solved the great problem for their society.

He or She may be marketed that invention to other members and then this phenomenon had spread by “Words-of-Mouth” to other clans (As back then Human used to live in Clans).

He or She might has started giving demo for food or help in spreading his community or even can be used for winning wars against natural threats or from other clans.

In modern world we used to call it as Technology Transfer.

This is a sheer practice of Traditional Marketing technique in its raw form. Though this practice has evolved since then.

Now, coming back to the point.

I said that because I know the core or the base of marketing will always be the The Traditional Marketing in its raw form.



But for perusing a better career on Digital Marketing, the sense of Traditional Marketing is a Boon.

Phase 2 : Ideation

Now as I had convinced with the first line of my reply understanding and evaluating his current position, I had started digging in to the matter with producing the Idea of Digital Marketing and It’s true value.

Here is what I’d replied with next:

As the Traditional Marketing is not gonna wipe out soon, but Digital Marketing is So Aggressive while projecting ROI, It’s gonna dominate sooner.

Yea, I had learnt watching for years that, the effect of technological or methodological changes happen much slower than it been predicated.

For an example think about VR (Virtual Reality) or even AR (Augmented Reality) or Un-Conventional Source of Energy.

So, as I had told him that,

Traditional Marketing is not going to be wiped out soon, cause Traditional Marketing is a form of marketing that produces greater value as its all about “face-to-face” thus luring the opportunity of “Word-of-Mouth” to businesses that practices it.

traditional marketing


But, the power of Internet and its vast global reach changed the way we marketed for years and coined a new term called Digital Marketing.

As the Brands and Businesses are getting bigger-&-bigger, greater-&-greater, bit-by-bit analysis has become the most Important factor for growth.

Ideation has become Softer & Execution has become harder.

In this future dependent modern world scenario, business needs to produce a constant stream of experiment on it’s ideas to be successful at the very end. So, Data dependency had gone higher for them to understand their every penny spent (ROI).

Digital Marketing is so much effective in this present scenario,

1. Cost effective : Brands and Businesses can take the risk of experiment

2. Data Dependent : It gives the Businesses the real-Time view of how things are going.

3. ROI Driven : Return-of Investment (ROI) is what Investors want very fast. this technology shows the way to achieve it more efficiently.

4. Futuristic : The future will be on the hand of technology, and Digital Marketing is the practice based on technology. Thus it will be relevant for years to come.

5. Cross Platform : Digital Marketing is not just be used for marketing but be used for Sales, Customer Services and many more ways giving the brands an opportunity to focus on OMAT (One Metric at A Time) to grow faster.

Well, as a Passionate Digital Marketer I can say hundreds more advantages of Digital Marketing but I do have to be realistic according to the situation of the person am giving advice to.

Just for a reference I’m posting the changes of ads spending Traditional vs Digital in US below,


Well if you are convinced then should I jump to the next portion of the Advice that I had given to Mr. X ?

Ok, Thank you,


Phase 3: Projection

Till now, I had understood his problem, crafted a suggestion according to his present professional condition.

What I had done next is what I call Projection.

After saying all above, now is the time to clear out the way assuming that He (Mr X) aggressively wants to make a career shift.

So, here I had planned out a path to pursue his dream (Digging deep into Digital Marketing).

I had replied with:

If you Think Long term, You might have a great potential gracing you present career to a new high.

Well, I had planned a Long Term Way and a Short Term Way.

If you choose the long term way means, learning Digital Marketing the hard way and the most reliable way too.

You might can go for some courses on Data Analysis, Web Analytics, and Some Practical Approaches on Digital marketing.

Those are available on well known platforms like Udemy, Coursera, YouTube etc.

This courses are Very Cheap and Fundamental.


what you can do is taking some course at UpGrad, Digital Vidya (for Beginners) etc. along side your present Job.

One most important thing we all know,

Practice Makes Perfection

So, while learning start blogging (The best practical way to learn Digital Marketing).

Select your niche according to your expertise and apply your learning accordingly on the blogging platform.

After applying your knowledge on your own you will discover many way to develop and grow.

As Mr X already has the core knowledge of marketing he can prosper faster if he be able to adopt the new learning environment (Digital Marketing).

Now what you can do is (for professional reason) try getting Digital Advertising Certifications like (Adwords, Search etc.) or Hubspot Certs (Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing).

If you are creative enough, you can also come into the space of Social Media Marketing (Certs – Hootsuit, Facebook).

It will take time, more time than you think.

Remember Unicorns are very hard to get so, you have to choose a particular domain and become master of it before jumping to the next.

I again replied to him (Mr. X) :

As your learning grows, your present career will grow too. and then either you will get promoted on your career or you might can switch to Digital Marketing world as an expert.

Well, those were for selecting Long Term Way but if you wanna select Short Term Way which I don’t recommend though, then I had suggested,

If you think short term then what you can do is Enroll yourself to some Courses and complete them, after that join any Career Positions (Digital Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Expert, And many more) and start growing leaving your Traditional Marketing Experiences.

Saying above what I had wanted to imply that, If You think the other way (The short Term Way), then leave your current job and fully dedicate yourself on learning Digital Marketing.

Enroll and Complete some Digital Marketing Courses offered by Institutions (UpGrad, Digital Vidya, IIM-A etc in India), and get a job like SEO Expert, Digital Marketing Executive, Content Writer etc. and fresh start your career for ground zero remembering Digital Marketing in India will Boom soon.

This where the Projection phase of this career advice ends and begins the next phase.


Phase 4: Consideration

After all these, at the very end of my advice to Mr. X should be very personal considering his conditions.
So, then what I replied with was,

After all these I can tell you that a career shift is a very risky task to do. I don’t know your social background, your economic conditions and liabilities, so if you have the backup from your family for at least 1-2 years then you can Shift from your current position and fully devote to Digital Marketing with the Short Term way or else go for Long term and Be safe.

As Mr. X is totally stranger to me seeking for help, I had given all the advices without knowing his background, his economical conditions, responsibilities etc.

That’s why I had planned out two different strategies depending on his liabilities told in the above paragraph.

This is how you need to figure out the options always having a plan B in your pocket while changing a career path.

For Digital Marketing it is one of the most important phase that you might have fall into if you come from a background like this (Mr. X), there is no proven traditional way to learn digital marketing (some Universities are feeling the need and developing new courses now).

See this chart,

Dgital Ad Spending

The Digital Ad spending is forecasted to nearly $2.80 Billion within 2021. It’s gonna go bigger if you consider Globally.

And understanding the present scenario it is evident that the need of a properly educated and skillful Digital Marketer more than the market is providing.

Most digital marketing professionals either are coming from technical background (Like Studing Computer Science) or Psychology, Social Science etc. thus the Traditional practitioner MBA people are leaving behind in this early race.

So, choosing a total shift at the middle of your career might be risky. It’s better to learn and practice both of those (Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing) side by side and try to use them accordingly for Growth.

Closing of this article will always Be Safe.



Ok, this has ultimately came to an end. So as an ending note I will say one thing very clearly.

In this article I not just wanted to advice people like Mr. X to choose the right career but I had tried to open the mind of the professional who gives suggestions or advices (Free or Paid) should actually consider the proposed system (PIPC) by me to map out their Suggestions in a well constructive way.

For those who want to discuss more about the system I’m free to discuss with you to refine and documented the processed. You can even try out this system and give me feedback so that we can produce this system better and better to be used on Professional Level Applications like Decision Making, Consulting, Reporting or Drafting etc.

Well, For those who are thinking like Mr. X can use this example according to you situation and if you need any help to understand it more clearly I’m here for you.

Thank you, for reading this whole article, Please share with your friends and Collogues or family. Don’t forget to give me a Thumbs Up. Follow me here please.

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Be Safe and Wish you all a good Luck. Thank you.

How to start a StartUp or Business that never fail

“Dreams are Worth Chasing” – But the consequences are, 90% of all startup or business fails during the first year. Here is I gonna tell you exact 7 ways to build a startup or a business  that does not fail. But there is one catch point use the rule according to your condition and the Industry you are in.


Before jumping into formulas, let me tell you a story (You all might have heard though).

Once a there was devastating drought came in the village.All wels got dry, even no water for fishes to survive.

A crow was so thirsty and looking for a drop of water, flocking here and there. Suddenly the lucky bird found a little layer of water inside a nearly dry pot in a shadow.

The crow has got excited and flown towards the pot and as soon as tried to sip the last layer of water it found it’s beak is not that long to reach to the bottom of the pot.

Now what should the thirsty crow will do. Will it going to go to other places in search of that water getting impatient or it will try to get it from there?


The answer is directly linked to the Startup’s’ Success. So keep reading. I will be answering this in a moment.

Nowadays there is fashion on self-proclaimed “Entrepreneurs”, Who ever is starting a business starting to mention themselves as an entrepreneur.

But if you read the statistics more of than 90% of all startups fail during the first year of operation. So, naturally the question rises “WHY”?


I had started doing business (though it will look like a joke) at the age of 6 not having an entrepreneurial gene for generations and kept it rolling since then. Many succeeded many failed and many on the go.

This article is what I had experienced and understood during all these years of hustling.

I had found that to build a successful business or startup there are at least this 7 Key things you must need to practice repeatedly.


1. Marketable Idea


You all know that first and foremost to building a business you need to come up with an Idea. But you all have great Ideas floating inside the grey matters inside your brain parally. But which one to choose, that will BOOM inside the market.

Yea! The best marketable Idea indeed. But Why?

So, put your thumb on those Ideas which is sustainable inside the market.

Think about the Curt Prins’s “PoliMobile” a  Mobile marketing platform for political campaigns filed due to the service or the product is Ahead of it’s time, not marketable in the current situation.

There are many more like Cha, and hundreds and thousands more around the world all alone this quarter of 2017. To know more about this go through this list at cbinsights.

The one thing that can save Startups or Businesses at least straight at the beginning is, “Thumb on those Ideas which is sustainable inside the market”.

So, How find out the value of your idea inside the market? Here are some tools I use often for doing a consistent market research.

Tools to do Market Research:


 Google Keywords Tool:

The Google Keywords tool acts as a window into the behaviour of consumers when searching online for products or services such as yours. To use this you’ll need to create a Google Adwords account (it’s free however) and it’s also advisable that you read a couple of introductory articles to the tool and making the most of it.

Questback :

Questback is a premium service that bridges the gap between your company and your target market. It can undertake in-depth research on your behalf and provide invaluable feedback quickly and efficiently.

FreeLunch :

FreeLunch provides worldwide data across a range of demographics and industries, however it is most beneficial for companies targeting the USA, providing everything from comprehensive demographical breakdown, to insights into wider patterns of spending.

Google Analytics :

Whilst not technically a wider tool providing market research in its entirety, Google Analytics can provide feedback as to how your customers are behaving whilst on your website. It may show you which products many view, but few buy (or vice versa) and it can illustrate what social media channels your customers are responding to, amongst many other insights

Google Trends :

Google Trends has the added benefit of additionally factoring in data gathered from its search engine. The result? An instant snapshot of consumer social media and search behaviour, coupled with the latest news and opinions from your industry.

There are many more tools can be used some are free some paid but the basic point is, the one thing that can save you, at least straight at the beginning is, Thumbs on those Ideas which are sustainable inside the market.


2. Share Funds Properly


– for any business you name it.

The money left inside your account gives you security and the feeling whether to run your business smoothly or harshly. So, use it carefully.

Understand the key investment areas where you need to pour money and not.

It’s limited when it’s used properly it reflects positively inside your business growth metrics.

So, here the takeaway,

Share your revenue according to your micro and macro goals.

Be Data Driven. Establish a very good relation with your accountant if you have one.


3. Well Designed Marketing Plan


If you have comealong the way, Staring up with an Idea to gathering knowledge on Sharing Funds properly but one thing that will motivate you now is there are always a potential customer waiting for your product or service (It should be market friendly) to receive.

You just need to find and attract them. So, the basic question comes in you curious mind is HOW? You all know it. It’s called Marketing.

But in this current time frame you all have to be more strategic about your marketing plan.

I have seen, most businesses use it in a wrong way at least at the right time, at the beginning.

Lure people to become visitor, positioned them into leads and make them into happy customer and the goal is not over yet for you, retain them as long you can.

There are thousands of ways to do that depending on your market, your product or service or even on your marketing and sales team. I will definitely talk about those on other posts.

This is what a well designed marketing serves for you.

And as per Gary “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” means “Give, Give , Give, Ask” is the modern way of market your product or services.

His book mentioned New York Times Best Selling book is worth reading as an Entrepreneur. I’m sharing the link below: : (US) :


4. Build a Strong Team

Team Work

There is a phrase in the investment world:

As your product gets traction you have to hire people to ease your work. They will increase in numbers gradually. You have to work together to build a proper foundation for your business to sustain in the market.

Your first step on team building should be EQ driven. Because You need to create your surrounding with those people who will tell the truth  The truth about your decisions, your behaviour, your vision, your goals.

Here is what Harvard management professor Bill George says about,








Renowned Mathematician Prof. John F. Nash had proven after dismissing 150 years of economic theory that, (Read carefully)

So, the best output you will get for your business to rise is when your team with whom you are surrounded with is been able to deliver their best as well as best for the team and the result will be seen on the metrics.

Building a strong team is not only important but is necessity for your business to survive in a long run.

Here are some books I should suggest to know more about team building and leadership.

  • Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by  Simon Sinek



  •   Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t by Jim Collins


 (US) :

You can also check out this link for more books on Team building.


5. Innovation on Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback



Market doesn’t care about you. You have to care about your market, your customer.

This is where customer feedback plays a very pointy role. It is impossible to create 100% flawless product or service. Its all depends on you consumers need.

Craft your next move according to your consumers’ feedback.

The Founder of Microsoft Bill Gates said,



You all should understand that in competitive market contiguous innovation is the key to survive.

You have to test multiple times to understand the market trends and for that The Feedback from your existing customers are very important.


While explaining the importance of customer feedback Elon Musk  founder of SpaceXTeslaHyperloop  once said,

If you don’t wanna believe, here is a quote from Lord Buddha,


Now I think you are pretty much motivated uttering those ever green quotes above. Here is one from me very straight forward but true,




6. Networking is the Key




Try to imagine the days when you are in your teens or just stepped into adulthood.

Your parents or guardians use to tell you to go outside, see the world, meet new people.

This is called networking in the Business world.

You not only get huge experience but lots of opportunities.

Exactly how Neil Patel described it while explaining Why he flies business class.  


Networking is very important and beneficial for maintaining a professional relation and referral for your personal as well as business needs.

There are some tweaks you can use right now to strengthen your network and which will help you create emotional bond with those persons.

> Select a few key associations or organizations and participate actively.

> Be generous about sharing business tips, referrals and leads with non competitors.

> Get to events early and plan to stay late.

> Greet people you’ve met in the past.

> Follow up on leads.


There is a growth hack I personally use.

Today most of us using linkedIn, World’s largest professional network,

I use to congratulate each and everyone everytime they update their professional engagements, like joining a new job, promoted to higher designation, Anniversary of their work cycle, or even on their birthday.

You don’t even have to craft a large piece of letter, just use the pre loaded text by the linkedIn message and hit Enter. That’s it.

You know, In business world everything is about give and take, so no one expect to get anything out of the professional barrier,

so, A little “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulation” drives a large value to the person unknown.

It puts you to a higher level of his/her list of caring people and shows much more value even than a person he/she works for a long.


7. Keep The Hustle 24/7



Someone told this long ago but it’s so true. Being an entrepreneur you are the one who is running your business. If you meet your goals you are the one who gets the prize but on the other hand, if fail you are the one who gets crucified (not in the biblical sense) first.

For an entrepreneur the grind is never ending. You have to test the market, the customers, your team and even yourself.

24 hours will come short for you every time. Trust on yourself and do what you need to do, what you love to do. Your passion separates you from others.



After all the formulas, here it comes to the conclusion of the story I began with. Remember the thirsty crow in the middle of the hottest summer, found that pot holding a very little layer of water beneath, did something amazing. It started looking for little stones here and there and started pouring them one by one inside the pot. It has taken a long time, then suddenly the the crow say the water level is rising.



At a sudden point it raised enough that the unlucky-lucky crow can sip through his beak.

It sipped all the the water and survived while others were dying at the same spot.


Being an entrepreneur, you have to be like that crow. Running a business or starting a startup is indeed one of the bravest task.

But It needs a lots of patience, Hard work and Emotional Quotient (EQ) linked with Intelligence Quotient (IQ) to Understand, Decide and Deliver.  

One thing you all need to remember,

Prepare yourself for the right side.

I have described the 7 most important factors that need to build a successful business according to my experience.

Now it’s your turn.

Understand every bit of it and share this piece of content if you are confident enough to help your friend or network.

Please write down your thoughts or experiences at the comment section below. I will respond to it according to my capability of answering your queries.


Well, one more request, if you can bare a little more of your valuable time and you have the thirst to learn more then connect with me on social media @neelsnow . I’m very active there.