The Best Digital Marketing Career Advice You will ever get on Internet

Being an Expert on many things 🙂, people used to ask questions or even help (Which I also do time by time) and by answering questions or helping others is an exceptional feelings that I might not able to express the way I’m doing now. I had developed a system for proper analytical and effective way to craft and advice. This System is what I had named as “PICP System for Effective Advice”.

Let me tell you the full story that had happened to me recently for which i’m feeling proud to be on LinkedIn.

The story was so powerful for me that I had even decided to write this article on it.

It has also sparked the same old El Clásico between Tradition Marketing Vs Digital Marketing as well. If you are a Future loving professional and a Digital Practitioner, its a must read I’m sure.

el clasico


Coming back to the story,

Some Days earlier Mr X (A Digital Marketing Enthusiast, MBA) asked me a Question on LinkedIn:

I am in retail past 2 years but I make career in Digital Marketing Is correct change my path to Digital Marketing please suggesting me about this issue.

Well the question or the “help me” was just 126 Charterer long but I had never imagined what the length of my answer would be.


After viewing the question I could have been able to give him a very straight forward suggestion but something happened to my right side of the brain that resisted me to do so.

Then I realized its not just a question to answer blindly considering that he might take or not (Just in a casual sense).
Somewhere inside me replied :

What if he’ll choose the path that you casually suggested, what if he fail doing so, what impact would that cause to his life and to his belongings, to his relations?

So, I changed my mind and what I did is something I feel proud be a LinkedIn user.

Then I started replying him.

In this very article I will discuss What I had said dissecting every paragraph of my advice using PICP System. Thus you will understand How much effective this system is when applied.

pipc System


There will be Four Phases starting with Phase 1 right below.


Phase 1 : Presumption

Here I’m gonna tell you, how and why I had came to understand the practical situation of the person and introduced my thoughts (Advice) accordingly.

This is what I had replied with:

Mr X (Not Using his Actual Name) it’s good to have a field based marketing experience prior to Digital Marketing.

Yes, I told that as Traditional Marketing is something that human had practicing for thousands of years.

Even my imaginative mind can also see, When the human first produced “fire” by it’s own, may be a single person has tried that for the first time and solved the great problem for their society.

He or She may be marketed that invention to other members and then this phenomenon had spread by “Words-of-Mouth” to other clans (As back then Human used to live in Clans).

He or She might has started giving demo for food or help in spreading his community or even can be used for winning wars against natural threats or from other clans.

In modern world we used to call it as Technology Transfer.

This is a sheer practice of Traditional Marketing technique in its raw form. Though this practice has evolved since then.

Now, coming back to the point.

I said that because I know the core or the base of marketing will always be the The Traditional Marketing in its raw form.



But for perusing a better career on Digital Marketing, the sense of Traditional Marketing is a Boon.

Phase 2 : Ideation

Now as I had convinced with the first line of my reply understanding and evaluating his current position, I had started digging in to the matter with producing the Idea of Digital Marketing and It’s true value.

Here is what I’d replied with next:

As the Traditional Marketing is not gonna wipe out soon, but Digital Marketing is So Aggressive while projecting ROI, It’s gonna dominate sooner.

Yea, I had learnt watching for years that, the effect of technological or methodological changes happen much slower than it been predicated.

For an example think about VR (Virtual Reality) or even AR (Augmented Reality) or Un-Conventional Source of Energy.

So, as I had told him that,

Traditional Marketing is not going to be wiped out soon, cause Traditional Marketing is a form of marketing that produces greater value as its all about “face-to-face” thus luring the opportunity of “Word-of-Mouth” to businesses that practices it.

traditional marketing


But, the power of Internet and its vast global reach changed the way we marketed for years and coined a new term called Digital Marketing.

As the Brands and Businesses are getting bigger-&-bigger, greater-&-greater, bit-by-bit analysis has become the most Important factor for growth.

Ideation has become Softer & Execution has become harder.

In this future dependent modern world scenario, business needs to produce a constant stream of experiment on it’s ideas to be successful at the very end. So, Data dependency had gone higher for them to understand their every penny spent (ROI).

Digital Marketing is so much effective in this present scenario,

1. Cost effective : Brands and Businesses can take the risk of experiment

2. Data Dependent : It gives the Businesses the real-Time view of how things are going.

3. ROI Driven : Return-of Investment (ROI) is what Investors want very fast. this technology shows the way to achieve it more efficiently.

4. Futuristic : The future will be on the hand of technology, and Digital Marketing is the practice based on technology. Thus it will be relevant for years to come.

5. Cross Platform : Digital Marketing is not just be used for marketing but be used for Sales, Customer Services and many more ways giving the brands an opportunity to focus on OMAT (One Metric at A Time) to grow faster.

Well, as a Passionate Digital Marketer I can say hundreds more advantages of Digital Marketing but I do have to be realistic according to the situation of the person am giving advice to.

Just for a reference I’m posting the changes of ads spending Traditional vs Digital in US below,


Well if you are convinced then should I jump to the next portion of the Advice that I had given to Mr. X ?

Ok, Thank you,


Phase 3: Projection

Till now, I had understood his problem, crafted a suggestion according to his present professional condition.

What I had done next is what I call Projection.

After saying all above, now is the time to clear out the way assuming that He (Mr X) aggressively wants to make a career shift.

So, here I had planned out a path to pursue his dream (Digging deep into Digital Marketing).

I had replied with:

If you Think Long term, You might have a great potential gracing you present career to a new high.

Well, I had planned a Long Term Way and a Short Term Way.

If you choose the long term way means, learning Digital Marketing the hard way and the most reliable way too.

You might can go for some courses on Data Analysis, Web Analytics, and Some Practical Approaches on Digital marketing.

Those are available on well known platforms like Udemy, Coursera, YouTube etc.

This courses are Very Cheap and Fundamental.


what you can do is taking some course at UpGrad, Digital Vidya (for Beginners) etc. along side your present Job.

One most important thing we all know,

Practice Makes Perfection

So, while learning start blogging (The best practical way to learn Digital Marketing).

Select your niche according to your expertise and apply your learning accordingly on the blogging platform.

After applying your knowledge on your own you will discover many way to develop and grow.

As Mr X already has the core knowledge of marketing he can prosper faster if he be able to adopt the new learning environment (Digital Marketing).

Now what you can do is (for professional reason) try getting Digital Advertising Certifications like (Adwords, Search etc.) or Hubspot Certs (Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing).

If you are creative enough, you can also come into the space of Social Media Marketing (Certs – Hootsuit, Facebook).

It will take time, more time than you think.

Remember Unicorns are very hard to get so, you have to choose a particular domain and become master of it before jumping to the next.

I again replied to him (Mr. X) :

As your learning grows, your present career will grow too. and then either you will get promoted on your career or you might can switch to Digital Marketing world as an expert.

Well, those were for selecting Long Term Way but if you wanna select Short Term Way which I don’t recommend though, then I had suggested,

If you think short term then what you can do is Enroll yourself to some Courses and complete them, after that join any Career Positions (Digital Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Expert, And many more) and start growing leaving your Traditional Marketing Experiences.

Saying above what I had wanted to imply that, If You think the other way (The short Term Way), then leave your current job and fully dedicate yourself on learning Digital Marketing.

Enroll and Complete some Digital Marketing Courses offered by Institutions (UpGrad, Digital Vidya, IIM-A etc in India), and get a job like SEO Expert, Digital Marketing Executive, Content Writer etc. and fresh start your career for ground zero remembering Digital Marketing in India will Boom soon.

This where the Projection phase of this career advice ends and begins the next phase.


Phase 4: Consideration

After all these, at the very end of my advice to Mr. X should be very personal considering his conditions.
So, then what I replied with was,

After all these I can tell you that a career shift is a very risky task to do. I don’t know your social background, your economic conditions and liabilities, so if you have the backup from your family for at least 1-2 years then you can Shift from your current position and fully devote to Digital Marketing with the Short Term way or else go for Long term and Be safe.

As Mr. X is totally stranger to me seeking for help, I had given all the advices without knowing his background, his economical conditions, responsibilities etc.

That’s why I had planned out two different strategies depending on his liabilities told in the above paragraph.

This is how you need to figure out the options always having a plan B in your pocket while changing a career path.

For Digital Marketing it is one of the most important phase that you might have fall into if you come from a background like this (Mr. X), there is no proven traditional way to learn digital marketing (some Universities are feeling the need and developing new courses now).

See this chart,

Dgital Ad Spending

The Digital Ad spending is forecasted to nearly $2.80 Billion within 2021. It’s gonna go bigger if you consider Globally.

And understanding the present scenario it is evident that the need of a properly educated and skillful Digital Marketer more than the market is providing.

Most digital marketing professionals either are coming from technical background (Like Studing Computer Science) or Psychology, Social Science etc. thus the Traditional practitioner MBA people are leaving behind in this early race.

So, choosing a total shift at the middle of your career might be risky. It’s better to learn and practice both of those (Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing) side by side and try to use them accordingly for Growth.

Closing of this article will always Be Safe.



Ok, this has ultimately came to an end. So as an ending note I will say one thing very clearly.

In this article I not just wanted to advice people like Mr. X to choose the right career but I had tried to open the mind of the professional who gives suggestions or advices (Free or Paid) should actually consider the proposed system (PIPC) by me to map out their Suggestions in a well constructive way.

For those who want to discuss more about the system I’m free to discuss with you to refine and documented the processed. You can even try out this system and give me feedback so that we can produce this system better and better to be used on Professional Level Applications like Decision Making, Consulting, Reporting or Drafting etc.

Well, For those who are thinking like Mr. X can use this example according to you situation and if you need any help to understand it more clearly I’m here for you.

Thank you, for reading this whole article, Please share with your friends and Collogues or family. Don’t forget to give me a Thumbs Up. Follow me here please.

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Be Safe and Wish you all a good Luck. Thank you.

Top Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017 and Beyond

Social media platforms are constantly evolving. Today every brand is a publisher and every consumer is a creator. From publishing videos with Facebook Live to sharing millions of tweets, showcasing thousands of #instapics. Social Media Marketing Trends in 2017 showing no shortage of ways to connect with your customers.

This the chance to grab the attention to millions even billions of people. they are waiting to the next customers.

The renowned brands are using Social Media Channels to get more customers, Converting Leads by Identifying new marketing opportunities as frequently as possible.

With more than 171.83 million unique monthly visitors, the ecommerce giant “Amazon”  using social media channels Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat so effectively.

Here is what Amazon does with the promotion of its premium service called Amazon Prime on it’s facebook page containing 25 Million+ Likes.

Amazon Prime 2 Day Free delivery Freemium model post
Here is another example of the brand everybody knows “Nike” hernessing the power of Influncer marketing mixing with social video (Squere Video) on Instagram producing the power of “Words-of-Mouth” Promotion for his new and upcoming shoes.


Small & medium brands are targeting singular channels one after another. Most of the growing brands are publishing videos, photos, reviews and blogs across various social media channels.

The Office friendly productivity SaaS Tool #Slack  is using Twitter & Facebook for It’s Social Voice. They even multiplying their reach through exclusive Podcast shows. Subscribe the Podcast on iTunes.


However when every consumers is a publisher, getting relevant content on the top of social newsfeed becomes a challenge.

Therefore, you need to focus on emerging Social Media Marketing trends that are bound to affect your social media strategy and campaign performance in the year 2017.

If you consider to build a business of startup successfully and grow in a fast pace in 2017, Social Media is the tool-of-choice for you to get the traction you need at this level.

In the alter article I’m going to disect the top social media marketing trends all the brands, Large or Small even Tiny should follow in 2017 or beyond.

1. Facebook: Continues to be the Market Leader

facebook usage statistics

With more than 1.94 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide. Facebook will continue to be the unchallenged king of all social networks. 

Used by more than 60% of the total internet users, FB will remain at the top of marketers list to drive conversions.

Facebook’s appeal is not only based on its social platform but also on its strong mobile integration and its mobile messaging capabilities called Facebook Messenger.

With the launch of new features such as Facebook Live and FB Marketplace, online businesses, and Facebook Story will find new ways to advertise their products and services through Facebook.

Here is Five step Formula for Facebook Marketing Success:

Facebook Marketing Success


2. Twitter: Real Time Experience

Some said Twitter has lost it’s credibility to grab user’s attention.

Ok, Yes! they had been through this problem in US but after capturing the untempered International users it had grown to a highest level.

Twitter is providing more control over to users.

You can use Twitter Analytics to understand the customer data, Traffic and Interests in a broader way.

Twitter Analytics Overview

Well, how to setup your twitter analytics? It’s an another time topic to elaborate.

Till then you can Follow me on twitter :


Twitter will focus on incorporating real time moments to consumers at large.

Businesses will continue to use Twitter to quickly service their customer’s queries.


3. Instagram: Community Building & Sales Platform

The upgradation of mobile technology had given birth of another ground broken social platform, Instagram .

This Social platform has changed the face of realtime visual storytelling, and intelligently aquired by Facebook for $1 Billion.

With more than 700 Million user, It’s ramping the Social Media stage like a Show Stoper.

Thus it has become must-use Mobile first platform for marketers world wide.

Top Instagram features

The features like Insta Stories, Live Videos, and many more, Marketers need to grab the attention of potiential customers with a new form of marketing tactics.

Instagram Story Ads has given marketers to battel for paid aquisitions. Its Simple and straight forward.

Instagram Story Ads


Here is what you can get from me for reading this article till now:

Top Customer Aquisition channels to follow in this 2017 with in 60 Seconds video my me.

Please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.



Instagram will be a driving force to accelerate sales and generate leads for online businesses.

It works well for creating brand awareness and engaging community of consumers.


4. Snapchat: Engaging Audience

The rapidly growing demographics and low-cost accessibility to younger audiences that Snapchat provides, brands are joining the Snapchat world to engage with their target audiences.

There isn’t a one-size-fits all approach to utilizing the channel, there are a few creative ways that all brands can engage their Snapchat audiences

There are some core tacktics marketers can use to promote their products or services in cretive way.

 # Pose engagement questions

 # Be thoughtful about your responses

# Share inspiration

 # Host a Snapchat Chat

 # Ask for opinions

# Sneak peeks or special offers

See this example how big Brand like Cisco is using Snpchat to engage with their customers.

In Cisco’s “Day in the Life of an Account Manager” Snapchat series, it chronicles the workday of an account manager as he or she visits different cities and plans on behalf of Cisco.

Using emojis, jokes, and lenses, the star of the Story gives the brand a more human side.

The Sports Fuel Company Gatorade doesn’t have a Snapchat account of its own, but thanks to its epic sponsored lens Snapchat at the Super Bowl last year,

Here’s what Gatorade did: When a football team wins a game, it’s customary that the team dumps whatever sports drink is in the team cooler onto their coach’s head.

During the Super Bowl football game in 2016, the folks at PepsiCo-owned Gatorade released a genius Super Bowl Snapchat lens that let anyone give themselves a Gatorade bath, too.

Gatored Snapchat

To create the ad, the folks at Gatorade partnered with Snapchat to purchase a sponsored lens, which costs around $450,000 per sponsored lens on normal days, and up to $750,000 on “peak days” like holidays and the Super Bowl.

Then, Gatorade had professional tennis player Serena Williams — whom Gatorade sponsors — star in the ad above.

The ad shows her getting virtually “dumped on” by a cooler of orange Gatorade, thanks to the lens. The company tweeted out a GIF of the Snapchat to get the momentum going, and by the end of the day, the sponsored lens had reportedly been viewed over 100 million times.

Snapchat will evolve as a content distribution platform which will further engage users.

5. LinkedIn: Peer-to-Peer Influence

With the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft, we expect LinkedIn to invest in their content platforms. 

LinkedIn is aggressively marketing its news-feed by inviting businesses to tap into the power of peer-to-peer connections.

LinkedIn Customer Time Spent

The marketing tactics are so agressive that it’s CMO (Chief Marketing Officer),  Shannon (Stubo) Brayton  recognised as one of world’s most influential CMOs of 2017!

LinkedIn CMO

LickedIn Ad platform is also heaven for B2B Targeted paid marketing using by big brands Like Google, Hubspot etc.

LinkedIn ads

Well if you are wise enough then please follow me on LinkedIn and Send me Recomendation on the skills you think I’m fit for.


Well as you had followed this article thus far so Now  I’d like to share five emerging social media marketing trends that you may see in the year 2017 and beyond.

Get ready 🙂

# Social Media Marketing trends To Follow

Trend 1: Live Video

Last years or so social videos stole the show across social media platforms. 

Next web of evolution is combining the emotional connect of social videos with the scale and reach of social media advertising.

Live video platforms such as Facebook Live is filling the news-feed with relevant, targeted and on-demand delivery of content mixed with emotions all across its platform producing Viral Contents relentlessly.



Big Facebook player like Buzzfeed with Millions of followers and their videos get viral every time hernesses the power of live video and Social videos like this.


Live videos are mostly producing values to customers One point at a time and splunking.

There are many ways to effectively use live video to engage with your customers and promote your brand.

All the big social platforms currently using giving away live video production oppertunities to their users and marketers just need this oppertunity to expand.

Instagram Live

#GoLiveNow with your platform of choice.


“Facebook and Twitter have become the prime destination for video consumption. The rise of Facebook live might challenge the supremacy of YouTube”


Trend 2: Mobile First

Businesses will continue to optimize their communication for mobile in the year 2017 and beyond. 

The most importantly Mobile users interact with the ads in a different way versus desktop. So Creating a campaign for mobile only customers will be tricky and awarding.

As reported in Mary Meeker’s report mid of this year,

  • 29% Of people’s daily screen time are spent looking at smartphones
  • Global mobile data traffic grew nearly 70%
  • Mobile commands 24% of media time spent in the US
  • Mobile media time spent  is higher at 51% compared to desktop in the US

Many types of display ads are now been used targeting mobile customers.

The 320 x 50 or 300Ă—50 pixels banner ads; static or animated, usually clutter the top or bottom of the screen. It is the most popular advertising format to date.

Here are some examples.

#1. Standard Banner Ads By KFC & Alila

Standerd Banner Ads KFC

Banner Ads Alila

These ads are just for examples not for promotion. Click to check. 

#2. Interstitials

Interestials Ads

Samples of mobile interstitial ads: (1) video interstitial (or videostitial) best for branding, (2) with image hotspots to show product info when tapped, and (3) with image slider enable users to compare effects of the featured product

Interstitial ads are visuals that cover the entire mobile screen at the size of 320 x 480 pixels.

This is the most popular size as it allows for more context, clearer call-to-action, and more creative content like videos, store locator, and many others.

#3. Expandable Ads

Expandable Ad Format

Mobile expandable ad with a combination of rich medias like video, photo gallery, and social feeds.

#4. Video Ads

Mobile Ad Format

Mobile Video Ads in different display modes for varying purposes: (1) autoplay video, (2) square framed video, and (3) verticle video with an image overlay.

Mobile video play rates are higher on in-app (14.0%) compare to mobile web (8.3%). While video completion rates are slightly higher on in-app (53.3%) compare to mobile web (52.7%).

#5. Native Ads

native ads

Source: Mobyaffiliates, Sample of native ads that have the same look and feel like the app itself.

Native ads come in various forms and sizes. It combines advertising message with user-centric content.

Not only ads but mobile first contents and Design affecting this market through organic reach to target audiences.

Mobile experience will see a massive shift in the user experience. You need to treat mobile users swiftly as they have very limited time and it is crucial for your communication to get to the point as quickly as possible

For brands, the best practice with mobile is to provide a good experience with the ad, either through interactions, giving useful information, entertaining or generate a positive feeling.

This will engage users and deliver a strong impact on brand recall, which increase brand affinity.


Trend 3: Social Commerce

Buyers are actively researching about brands on social channels.

Their next step for consumers is to skip visiting websites and buy directly from social media platforms.

Social Commerce infographics

All the Social platforms are integrating this features.

Mostly Mobile massengers like Facebook Massenger, WhatsApp, Chinese mobile Giant Wechat and more.

Here in India Instamojo : a mobile payment company has implemented this Social Commerce trends by creating the opertuny to sell products and services through WhatsApp.

Instamojo Social Selling

It’s also constantly educating its customers through blogs and social media on how to sell on Whatsapp.

Facebook has also allowed businesses to drive users to messenger with calls to action such as “Shop now”.

Trend 4: Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Chat Bots

Do you ever have guessed few years ago that you will trust a robot to make online or retail purchase?

Haha.. It’s like a joke to elders now also, but Its the reality of the modern future bound customer experience.

Time are changing and so is social media marketing trends.

Businesses may start using Chatbots as an easy way to interact with customers and cross promote products or services at the same time.

Here are the few chat bots using by big brands for Customer Aquisition, User Experience and Marketing.

Starbucks’ character artist



British Airways’ emoji quiz

British Airways Emoji Quiz

British Airways tapped into the internet’s love of quizzes with its “Emojibot” chatbot, launched in December

Pernod Ricard’s content hub

Pernod Ricard has been investing heavily in content, with a 300-strong cocktail library due to launch next year as part of its rather complex-sounding CES reveal

Pernod Ricard’s content hub Bot


GrowthBot : A chatbot for marketing and sales

It connects to a variety of marketing systems (like HubSpot, Google Analytics and others) and databases and gives you quick, easy access to information and services. Intigrates with Massenger, Twitter and Slack.

I’m using it. It’s fun and eductional indeed.

GrowthBot with me

Though there is a significans of automated AI- Powered bots but Bot tech is not especially advanced yet on natural language processing, there’s still a way to go.

If bots are impressively conversational to start with, humans get too colloquial — and then the bot fails.

Trend 5 : Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual reality, or VR as it is commonly known, is an exciting new technology that is changing how we think about marketing.

In many cases, you’ll hear about video games that utilize the technology, but the experience that it facilitates can translate very easily to experiential marketing and events.

For example, one digital marketing firm uses VR to show potential customers what a wedding would look like at various luxury venues.

Instead of touring an empty room or travelling all over, customers are transported into a wedding that’s happening all around them, without leaving the room.

The Whitehouse invited The Verge to do a video on Michelle Obama’s success with social media. She talks about her efforts to popularise healthy eating and exercise.

The 10-minute video is a 360 video that has After Effects like animation on it to help illustrate Michelle’s point.

For marketers reading this right now, if you need to explain a company’s mission or a new service, you’ll definitely want to look into this video and use it as an example.

Michelle Obama’s VR Video


Volvo – XC90 Test Drive


Where as One of the biggest impacts AR has made in the commercial sector is in marketing and advertising.

Companies who have not yet come onboard with this trend may still be struggling to find the right application.

Modiface Makeup Marketing

Modiface AR Marketing

Companies like Modiface use AR to completely map the user’s face and re-render it as a photorealistic 3D object. This allows the mirrors to accurately show the precise effects of makeup and even extended-time skin care regimens on the face.

Using AR, Modiface lets buyers “try before they buy”, simulating a full application of makeup or months of skin care in the space of a moment.

What an awsome way to market products using the #NextGen Technology.

Showing VR is more than a one-off gimmick but something that can be core to a marketing strategy when used properly.

Trend 6: Social Media Vs Search Engines

Social Media Vs Search Engine

Search engines are still the leader in helping consumers research and evaluate products or services. 

You, me and most of us using doing search everytime and anytiom we need somthing to know or buy. See, even while writting this article I’ve used google so so many times to gather infos that you will like.

As a Social Media friendly person, I even has used many Social channels to uncover my needs.

Even after setting the publish button for you I’ll hope that you get may article to read through serching social media marketing trends to follow on your best friend Google.
But still I’ll share this article on social media channels to promote more and more sothat you get this awsome piece of article as soon as possible and will also hope for more comments, Likes and Shares to make it viral. (Though it’s upto you.)

So, the Social Media will keep it’s battel with Search Engines as both of their goals are to reach a content to as many people as possible who has a need for it.

Social Media Marketing trends says : It’s constantly evolving as an alternative where consumers are using it to discover about brands.

It is being used as a research tool and social media will definitely catch in this year 2017 and beyond.



The marketing is an ever changing process. The Social Media Marketing Trends will also keep changing. You have to keep up innovating the new routes every time and have to face the challenges.

Social media does not work on a singular tips or tricks to follow. Keep innovating your ideas and generate new ways to interact and enhance your marketing techniques.

Build your brand, Transform your market and Measure the Social ROI every time.

2017 and beyond will  going to be an exciting year for social media marketing. Live video, chatbots and search medium are trends which can dominate the social eco-system.

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Thanks, I’m Neel Banerjee (Indranil) signing off right now, seeing you on some other article or on social platforms.